Kiwi Favorites Box

Our Kiwi Favorites Box Box is filled to the brim with good of kiwi favorites and some taste new kiwi treats. Perfect any occasion.

Hamper includes:
1 x Ginger Beer
1 x Kettle Chips
1 x Deluxe Chewy Chocolate Cookie
1 x Chocolate Dipped GingerKiwi
1 X Choco Mentos Mints
2 x Whittakers Chocolate Squares (Assorted)
3 x Whittakers Sante Bars (Assorted)
1 x Sweet & Salty Beer Nuts
3 x Cadbury Roses Chocolates
1 x Cadbury Buzz bar

All perfectly packaged in an stunning gift box finished with a beautiful bow.

(Gift box design may vary)
$ 77.50

What's in it

Cadbury Land Buzz Bar (qty: 1)
In a lovely meadow behind the Cadbury factory, you’ll find giant chocolate hives buzzing with activity. It’s here that our bees devote themselves to layering fluffy marshmallow, delicious caramel and creamy Cadbury milk chocolate together to create the Buzz Bar. It’s pure choc marshmallow heaven. <br/> <br/>Size: 20g
3 x Cadbury Roses (Assorted) (qty: 1)
Cadbury Roses are how Kiwi’s have been saying ‘thank you very very very much’ for generations! Roses are a mix of flavours everyone can get excited about.
Cooper Kettle Chips - Original Sea Salt (qty: 1)
The Copper Kettle story begins with the finest ‘chip-making’ varieties of NZ spuds, lovingly grown by local farmers. <br/> <br/>Cooked in small batches to create the ultimate flavour and crunch, Copper Kettle Chips are then seasoned with a selection of natural flavours to give you Kettle Chips so crunchy and delicious you’ll think they’re homemade. <br/> <br/>Size: 40g
Mentos Mints Choco Caramel (qty: 1)
Discover the indulgent taste of Mentos Caramels – sweet, chewy caramel bites filled with soft, creamy chocolate. Mentos Caramels are available in two delicious flavor varieties. <br/> <br/>Size: 38g
2 x Whittakers Squares (Assorted) (qty: 1)
Thin, finely crafted and simply divine when they snap in your mouth. These delicate squares of our favourite plain chocolate varieties are the most elegant and indulgent way to treat yourself, and your friends, if you can bear to share.
CookieTime - Luxe Deluxe Chewy Double Chocolate Fudge Cookie (qty: 1)
CookieTimes delicious limited edition Luxe Deluxe Chewy Double Chocolate Fudge Cookie
Gingerkiwi (Chocolate Dipped) - Molly Woppy (qty: 1)
He has the perfect blend of sugar and spice, creating a gingerlicious crisp gingerbread that is packaged in a really fun way. <br/> <br/>Molly Woppy bakes kiwi favourites, adding extra deliciousness, fantastic flavour and a sprinkling of fun. Gourmet treats for people who love really great baking. <br/> <br/>Size: 33g
3 x Whittakers Sante Bars (Assorted) (qty: 1)
There is simply nothing like the snap of one of our pure chocolate sante bars. Long, thin and elegant, sante means health in a happy way. And these certainly make you feel happy
Sweet & Salty Beer Nuts - The Baron (qty: 1)
Coated with the perfect blend of sweet and salty deliciousness, these Beer Nuts are an ideal match for a cool beer, wine, or just any time. <br/> <br/>Size: 110g
Mac's Mandarin, Lime & Bitters (qty: 1)
Mac's have remixed the classic lemon, lime and bitters with a burst of juicy, local mandarins. Exactly what you want when you’re after a refreshing, not-too-sweet soda you can drink all afternoon long. <br/>330mls